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No, seriously. Get some rest and let us manage everything behind the scenes. Allow us to automate your inbox so you can concentrate on what truly matters.

Auto-Magically Organize Your Emails 🪄

Get some rest and let us manage everything behind the scenes. Allow us to automate your inbox so you can concentrate on what truly matters.

  • Categorize incoming emails
    Sorting through your inbox has never been easier with priority-based categorization organizing your emails.
  • Automatic Categorization
    Set your email preferences with simple, plain language to choose how you want your emails categorized.
  • Seamless Synchronization
    Synchronize with your Gmail labels and Outlook iCloud folders. Automatically create and update them according to your preferences.

Get Ready-to-Send Drafts

Automatically draft a reply and save it to your inbox. Save time with the most effective AI-crafted responses, tailored to your conversations and ready to be sent.

  • AI-Crafted Responses
    SkimAI learns from your previous emails to automatically draft replies that fit your conversations.
  • Be in Control
    By default, we don't send emails on your behalf, allowing you to review, edit, and send responses yourself.
  • Background Operation
    Synchronize with your Gmail labels and Outlook iCloud folders. Automatically create and update them according to your preferences.

📨 Too Many Emails, Too Little Time. ⏰

We crafted all these AI-powered features for you to instruct and manage your assistant, allowing you to move away from tedious tasks and concentrate on more meaningful work.

Train Your Assistant

Enhance SkimAI by integrating your data into its memory. The AI will learn from your information and context, tailoring your experience to better suit your needs.

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Seamless Integration

Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud Mail, and more upon request.

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Automate Your Imagination

You can tailor SkimAI to suit your specific needs, allowing it to work for you just the way you envision.

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Can You Speak ... 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇯🇵 ?

Yes! SkimAI supports all languages. For added fun, you can even ask it to speak in Pirate style.

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Uncompromising Security

Trust in a privacy-focused solution with advanced security measures: no emails stored, fully encrypted keys, and zero data logging.

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Understand Your Inbox

To improve your efficiency, you first need to understand your inbox. We're offering a free analysis to help you identify areas for improvement.

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Flash Through Your Unread Emails

Instantly summarize all unread email. Quickly scan unread emails with AI-powered summaries, identifying those that need urgent attention.

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Keep Your Client

It's "Bring Your Own Email Client" Day.

Good news! No need to switch from your favorite email client or install any plugins. Just connect SkimAI to your existing email services, and we'll handle everything in the background.

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Automatic Drafts

Automatically scans your inbox, identifies important emails, composes responses, and saves them to your Drafts folder.

Smart Labels

Easily create and customize labels. Define criteria in simple terms and let SkimAI categorize your emails accordingly.

Your Second Brain

Enhance SkimAI with your data—FAQs, pricing, locations—for tailored, informed responses.

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$9.99 /month
Ideal for users with a single email account who receive more than 50 emails per day.
$99.99 /year
Ideal for power users managing multiple email accounts and receiving over 100 emails daily.
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Tailored for enterprises needing organization-wide deployment.

SkimAI is currently compatible with Gmail, Google Calendar, iCloud Mail, and Outlook. We are actively working to expand support to other popular email providers. Stay tuned for updates!

No, SkimAI can automate the drafting process, but you will need to click the send button. You'll always have the opportunity to review and edit drafts before sending them.

SkimAI analyzes your emails to provide insights, draft responses, and automate tasks. Your email data is processed securely and used solely to improve your inbox experience. We never read your emails.

No. Although SkimAI's AI model provides increasingly personalized and effective assistance, we prioritize data privacy and security – your information is never stored. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Absolutely! SkimAI's goal is to adapt to your communication style. You can easily edit drafting style, filtering instructions, and tailor the AI assistant's responses to match your unique voice and needs.

SkimAI uses smart labels to organize your inbox. You can set your labeling preferences, and SkimAI will automatically categorize your emails based on priority and relevance.

Yes, SkimAI works in the background to manage your emails, even if you don’t frequently check your inbox interface. It will still sort, label, forward, and draft emails based on your preferences.

Absolutely. SkimAI continuously learns from your actions and feedback to provide more accurate and personalized assistance over time.

Yes, SkimAI learns and adapts to your writing style over time. You can also provide specific instructions to ensure the drafts match your preferred tone and language.

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee to new users who activate a paid subscription of SkimAI. If you are unsatisfied with it, you may cancel your subscription within the first 7 days and receive a full refund.

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Skim is solving such an obvious problem. I highly recommend them and encourage them to continue making our inboxes easy to manage!
Testimonial 01
Nate Latimer
What I love about SkimAI is it allows me to rapid-fire go through my emails and trumps Microsoft Outlook and Gmail's efforts. It's a super cool tool.
SkimAI has been a game-changer for me. Its ability to draft responses based on specific folder instructions has significantly improved my efficiency. It helps me stay on top of my emails and ensures I never miss a follow-up.
It’s like having an admin assistant that learns and remembers how we handle tasks, freeing up our team's time significantly.
It's a great tool for marking important emails and ensures I stay on top of key communications. It's kick-ass at managing my inbox, especially when my day is filled with meetings and I have limited time.
SkimAI's automatic draft feature is a must-have. It saves me a significant amount of time by drafting responses to emails, allowing me to focus on the needs of my clients.
Testimonial 07
I really like that I do not have to prompt. It helps me achieve inbox zero efficiently and handles logistically styled emails with ease.
SkimAI is almost like having an extra brain that knows my every move. The team keeps shipping new features that make my job easier.

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