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Your Email, Reimagined

Get 4 hours back every week. Unleash productivity with SkimAI, the AI-powered email assistant built for high-performing professionals.

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Experience Email

Introducing intelligent email management. With AI-driven scheduling and custom workflows, SkimAI is more than a tool; it’s your productivity partner, evolving with your needs.

Flash through Your Unread Emails

Quickly scan unread emails with AI-generated summaries, pinpointing those that need urgent attention.

Get Ready-to-Send Drafts

Save time with AI-drafted responses tailored to your conversations. Review, edit, and send in seconds.

Streamline with Smart Labels

Set your preferences and observe how your emails get automagically categorized, highlighting priorities at a glance.

Automation and Convenience

Let AI automate your inbox, flag important emails, categorize messages, and forward them to the right person. Launching in 2024.

How it works

Get hours back in a minute.



Create your SkimAI account to start streamlining your inbox.


Connect your Email

Grant SkimAI secure access to your email provider and calendar for analysis and assistance.


Instruct the Assistant

Customize SkimAI's actions through your preferences and workflows for a personalized inbox experience.

Why Choose SkimAI

Boost your workday efficiency with SkimAI. Delegate your repetitive tasks, focusing on what truly matters.

Instant Email Drafting

Effortlessly generate email drafts tailored to your style, saving you time for creative and strategic thinking.

Automated Task Mastery

From scheduling to email sorting, SkimAI handles every repetitive task efficiently, saving you hours each week.

Fast Insight Discovery

Unlock insights at unprecedented speed, extract key information to inform decisions, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

SkimAI is currently compatible with Gmail and Google Calendar. We are actively working to expand support to other popular email providers. Stay tuned for updates!

No, SkimAI can automate the drafting process, but you will need to click the send button. You'll always have the opportunity to review and edit drafts before sending them.

SkimAI analyzes your emails to provide insights, draft responses, and automate tasks. Your email data is processed securely and used solely to improve your inbox experience.

No. Althought SkimAI's AI model provides increasingly personalized and effective assistance, we prioritize data privacy and security – your information is never stored. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Absolutely! SkimAI's goal is to adapt to your communication style. You can easily edit drafting style, filtering instructions, and tailor the AI assistant's responses to match your unique voice and needs.