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No code? No problem.

SkimAI abstracts away the complexities of creating highly specialised AI agents. Its user-friendly interface and building blocks allow you to create an AI agent from start to finish in less than 5 minutes.

Customizable AI Workflow

Create tailored AI agents using a wide selection of building blocks and get help with your assignments.

Diverse AI Agent Selection

Discover ready-to-use AI agents in the marketplace, hire the perfect one, and supercharge your productivity.

Monetization of Agents

Share your own AI agents to generate passive revenue, or outsource your work to community-developed assistants.

No Code, Just Power

With a wide selection of building blocks at your disposal, tailor the AI agent to execute specific tasks. Mix and match these building blocks to create a customized solution for your unique requirements.

Unlimited Imagination

Discover a diverse selection of AI agents specialized in tackling various tasks. Explore templates, choose the AI agent that best solves your problem.

Effortless Integration, Infinite Potential

Seamlessly integrate your apps and unlock infinite possibilities with SkimAI's plugin capabilities, boosting your projects with the unparalleled effectiveness of AI assistants.

Why Choose SkimAI

Harness the power of SkimAI to unlock your productivity potential and achieve more with less effort.

Agents Ready for You

Discover a wide range of pre-built AI agents available in our marketplace, ready to assist you in completing tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

Efficient Task Automation

Experience the power of AI agents that actively complete tasks on your behalf, saving you valuable time and energy.

Multiplayer Work Environment

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members by accessing, analyzing, and configuring workflows in real-time.

Rapid Insights Extraction

Leverage advanced models to extract relevant insights from your documents rapidly, accelerating decision-making and problem-solving.

Batch Processing

Process multiple files at once, allowing you to analyze large volumes of data quickly and effectively.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Integrate SkimAI in your workflows and tools, ensuring a smooth and streamlined execution without disruption.